Brochure Welcome to the canton de Vaud

You have just moved to the canton of Vaud.

A brochure setting out all the essential things you need to do (announce your arrival, enrol your children in school, find a job, etc.) is available to help you. It also contains useful information about French language classes, public transport, leisure activities or healthcare services, to help your arrival in the canton go as smoothly as possible.

This brochure is available in 16 languages. Click below to access the brochure in the language of your choice.

Albanais / Shqip
Allemand / Deutsch
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Arabe / العربية
Dari / دری
Espagnol / Espanol
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Somali / Af-Soomaali
Tamoul / தமிழ்
Tigrigna / ትግርኛ
Turc / Türkçe
Ukrainien / українська мова

Brochure: Welcome to the canton of Vaud


Albanian / Shqip

German / Deutsch

Arabic / العربية

Spanish / Espanol

Italian / italiano

Portuguese / Português

Serbian / Srpski

Somali / Af-Soomaali

Tamil / தமிழ்

Tigrinya / ትግርኛ

Turkish / Türkçe