Advice for pregnancy and other medical problems

Within three months of arriving in Switzerland, you must obtain health insurance. This will allow you to access health benefits at a lower cost. This is an obligatory step and is important because consultations in Switzerland are expensive.

Finding a doctor

In Switzerland, generally people have a family doctor. This doctor is a generalist and will refer you to a specialist if your condition requires it. To find a doctor or a paediatrician for your children, you can contact the Vaudoise Society of Medicine (SVM). Some doctors speak several languages. Also, you can consult the website of the FMH.

The Swiss Red Cross provides extensive medical information in several languages.

What to do in case of a medical problem?

If the situation is not too serious, you can start by asking for advice in a pharmacy. Then, if necessary, contact your doctor.


If you do not have a doctor, or they do not answer, contact the 24-hour call centre who have doctors on call, 0843 133 133


In case of a critical emergency, the number to call is 144 (ambulance)


If you are home-bound or have reduced mobility, the Social-medical centre (CMS) can offer nursing care, home-based meal delivery and care assistance in all areas of the canton.

Maternity and birth

During a pregnancy, a gynaecologist or midwife will perform regular check-ups. The related costs are covered by your health insurance.

The maternity hospital of Vaud and the Profa Foundation offer confidential and free consultations with a sexual health advisor, a midwife or social worker.

The Pan Milar association offers prenatal preparation courses in several languages thanks to the presence of community interpreters.

For maternal and newborn care, independent midwives in Vaud offer home-based care once you return home from the hospital. Paediatric nurses from the AVASAD and l’Espace prévention offer advice and information during home consultations, post-natal meetings or various workshops/group courses.

For consultation and advice on sexuality, contraception, termination of an unwanted pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and STI tests (sexually transmitted infections), and homosexuality, the Profa Foundation's Sexual Health Consultation is available. There are eight regional centres in the canton, you can make an appointment with  counsellors and doctors. This service is commonly known as "family planning".

Psychological support and domestic violence

The Appartenances association offer psychotherapy consultations for immigrants in several languages. There are three consultations centres; Lausanne, Vevey and Yverdon-les-Bains.

Anyone who has suffered from abuse either bodily, sexually or psychologically can request help from the Violence Medical Unit (CHUV's VMU). The Centre LAVI, the Centre d’accueil Malley-Prairie and the Association Violence que faire? can also offer a similar service.

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