Safety in your daily life.

Social insurance allows workers to provide security and obtain allowances for themselves and their families in case of a work stoppage, illness or unemployment.

The employer will manage the following insurance:

  • Old-age and survivor’s insurance (AVS) and invalidity insurance (AI), known in Switzerland as the 1st pillar

  • Occupational pension (LPP), known as the 2nd pillar

  • Allowances for loss of earning, in the cases of military and civil service or maternity (APG)

  • Unemployment insurance (AC)

  • Family allowance (LAFam)

Employers do not take responsibility for health insurance. The worker must take out their own health insurance.

For more information, consult the nearest social insurance agency to where you are living.

Health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland. You must obtain health insurance no later than three months after you arrive, if not you will have a fine. The insurance will be effective from the date of your residence.

There are several health insurances in the canton of Vaud; you are free to choose the one that suits your needs. The health insurer is obliged to accept you, regardless of age and state of health. Accident insurance can also be taken out alongside your health insurance if your employer does not have one already.

Premiums increase each year. It is possible to change insurer by sending a letter of cancellation by registered mail before the end of November.

In case of difficulties paying your premiums, the Vaud Health Insurance Office (OVAM) can help you and pay a subsidy to your health insurer. This amount will depend on your income. The application must be filed with the agency in your area of residence.

Social help

In all canton of Vaud, regional social centres offer information, advice and support in financial, social or family difficulties.

If this is your case, you can visit the regional social centre (CSR) closest to your home (here is a list of all). Professionals can help you with all questions in relation to obtaining an income, professional reintegration etc.

Other insurances

Vehicle insurance is compulsory and allows you to insure your car or motorcycle against damage done by yourself or another road user.

Liability insurance (RC) and household insurance allows you to insure your housing and your property against damage. It is recommended but not compulsory.

Depending on your needs, other insurances exist: animal, travel, legal responsibility etc. There are many private insurers that offer these benefits.

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