Leisure and citizenship

Enjoy your spare time

Being a citizen of another country isn’t only about rights and duties but also about participating in local leisure activities.

Political rights as a citizen

Politically, in the canton of Vaud, you can take part in elections and voting in your commune, you can be elected or have a seat in the commune council and sign initiatives or a commune referendum. To do this, certain conditions are required:

  • Be over 18 years of age

  • Hold a residence permit for over 10 years

  • Live in the canton for at least 3 years

In addition, volunteering and community life play an important role in Vaud society. Many of the associations that currently exist have been created by immigrants. These associations aim to foster a harmonious relation and mutual understanding between Swiss nationals and foreigners.

They have put together several activities, multicultural events and places for exchange and meetings to happen.


If you wish to commit some hours each week to a cause that is dear to you or set up an association, Volunteering-Vaud can give you all the information you need. Volunteering can be a stepping stone in helping you find a job by expanding your field of expertise and network.

Search for activities

1001 Histoires
Responsable : Institut suisse Jeunesse et Médias (ISJM)
Lieu du cours : Bussigny
021 311 52 20
Animations en portugais et en français autour de récits, comptines et histoires
Accueil parents-enfants
Responsable : Arc'Echange
Lieu du cours : Moudon
077 520 28 11
Espace de rencontres et d'échanges pour parents et enfants de 0 à 5 ans
Accueil, rencontre et orientation sociale
Responsable : Appartenances - Centre Femmes Lausanne
Lieu du cours : Lausanne
021 351 28 80
Accueil, rencontre et orientation sociale en faveur de femmes migrantes avec ou sans enfants
Activités autour du français
Responsable : Commune de Montreux
Lieu du cours : Clarens
079 228 62 16
Activités sociales variées permettant d'apprendre et de pratiquer le français dans toutes sortes de situations (conférences, visites culturelles, ateliers)
Activités de rencontres et d’animations
Responsable : Appartenances - Espace Femmes Yverdon-les-Bains
Lieu du cours : Yverdon-les-Bains
024 425 06 65
Rencontres et animations en faveur de femmes migrantes avec ou sans enfants
Age et migration
Responsable : EPER
Lieu du cours : Lausanne
021 613 40 70
Activités d’information et de socialisation pour les personnes migrantes de 55 ans et plus
Age et migration
Responsable : EPER
Lieu du cours : Yverdon-les-Bains
022 613 40 70
Activités d’information et de socialisation pour les personnes migrantes de 55 ans et plus
Apprendre - partager - participer … en français
Responsable : Commune de Montreux
Lieu du cours : Montreux
Activités sociales autour du français
Arc-En-Ciel multiculturel
Responsable : Commune de Villeneuve / CIV
Lieu du cours : Villeneuve
077 407 58 75
Evénement multiculturel
Ateliers d'échange interculturel
Responsable : Commune de Bex, secrétariat municipal
Lieu du cours : Bex
079 365 07 47
Ateliers d'échange et de partage d'expériences vécues en français
Bienvenue chez moi!
Responsable : Solidarité Afrique Farafina
Lieu du cours : Baulmes
Ateliers culinaires entre des familles suisses et étrangères
Café & créa-contact
Responsable : CISEROC
Lieu du cours : Orbe
079 942 74 06
Rencontres conviviales autour d'un café ou d'un projet créatif


Switzerland guarantees the freedom of religion. In the canton of Vaud, everyone is free to practice their religion. The Arzillier Maison du dialogue is an interreligious association allowing an exchange between persons of different religious and spiritual traditions.


Welcoming international employees

The Welcome days & Reloc'coffees are special events for international employees who have recently arrived in Switzerland, as well as their spouses, organised by the service International Link of the Vaud Chambers of commerce and industry (CVCI).


In the canton of Vaud, there is a rich culture of activities available: festivals, traditional events, shows, exhibitions, cinemas, concerts etc. To stay informed of what is going on in your area, visit the website of the Vaud Tourist Office (OTV) or on Tempslibre.ch.

Discover the permanent and temporary exhibitions at the canton of Vaud museums. They are free every first Sunday of the month.

There are also many libraries: the Bibliothèque cantonale universitaire (BCUL), the intercultural library Globlivres, as well as those of your commune. It is generally free to register at a library.

The CarteCulture, offered by the Caritas network, enables low-income families to take part in cultural and social events, they can benefit from discounts related to culture, sport and training.

Sport, art and youth activities

If you are looking for sporting or artistic activities (volleyball, football, music, theatre etc.), you can visit your local commune centre. A list of local associations offering these services is also available.

In all the communes of the canton, associations and local communes have a number of extracurricular activities (summer camps, youth centres, youth counsels etc.) that are on offer for children and young people. Your commune or the youth activity liaison group can give you more information on the subject.

Groups of young people who organise social, sport or cultural projects can ask for financial support from the cantonal delegate for children and youth group.

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