Becoming Swiss: naturalisation

Why undertake naturalisation?

After several years of living in the canton of Vaud, some inhabitants of foreign nationality wish to show their attachment to Switzerland by obtaining the nationality of the country where they are building their life. For this, they begin a so-called naturalisation procedure.

Obtaining Swiss nationality after the naturalisation procedure gives you full political rights. You can now vote, elect or be elected at cantonal and federal level. Likewise, you can now sign initiatives and referendums concerning the canton or the Confederation.

Conditions for swiss naturalisation in the canton of Vaud

Various conditions must be met to apply for Swiss naturalisation in the canton of Vaud:

  • Hold a settlement C permit.
  • Have lived in Switzerland for 10 years.
  • Have lived 2 years in the canton of Vaud, including the year preceding the application.
  • Have not received any social assistance in the 3 years preceding the application.
  • Pay your taxes.
  • No recent lawsuits or acts of default of property.
  • Respect security and public order.
  • Have basic knowledge of geography, history, social and political Switzerland, the Canton, as well as at the local level.
  • Attest to your language level in French (A2 written and B1 oral certificates).

 Learning French

Facilitated naturalisation application

Some foreigners can apply for facilitated naturalisation. Their condition of access to naturalisation is less demanding than those presented above:

  • Spouse of a Swiss citizen.
  • Spouse of a Swiss citizen residing abroad.
  • Third generation young foreigner.
  • Stateless child.
  • Child of a naturalised person.
  • Child of a Swiss mother or father.

Learn about naturalisation procedures

Naturalisation procedure

If you meet all the required conditions, you are then able to file your naturalisation application online on the State of Vaud website.

Start a naturalisation procedure

In order to be able to validate your application, the competent authority of the canton will have to examine your level of integration and familiarisation with the living conditions in Switzerland.

You will also have to certify an oral level A2 and a written level A1 in French, by passing the FIDE test (Français, Italiano, Deutsch in Switzerland). This test must be carried out before starting your naturalisation application.

Learn about naturalisation procedures

Support for naturalisation

In order to prepare you for the FIDE French exam, associations offer language courses for small budgets.

Learn french

You will also have to pass a knowledge test, particularly in geography, history, politics and social life, before you can apply for naturalisation.

You can prepare for the knowledge test with the help of sample cantonal and federal test questions available on the website as well as an online training tool for the knowledge test.

Official list of questions on federal and cantonal themes

For municipal questions, contact your municipality.

For more precise information on naturalisation and its conditions, contact your municipality of residence or the Service de la Population.

Service de la population
Secteur naturalisations

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