Once you’ve found a job

Achieving your professional goals

Your working life is the subject of rights and duties: on the one hand, follow rules written by trade unions, and on the other respecting a contract and paying taxes.

Contracts, salary and rights

When an employer decides to employ you, you must sign a work contract. The conditions of engagement (duration of the contract, the percentage of working hours, salary, social deductions etc.) should be discussed in advance.

Your employer will generally pay your salary into your bank account or post account at the end of the month.

In Switzerland, a collective labour agreement (CCT) exists that defines a minimum salary for certain work branches. You can get more information from the unions. These workers’ associations can provide you information and assist you if you have any conflict with your employer.


Anyone living or having a source of income in the canton of Vaud is obliged to pay taxes in proportion to your salary and fortune. There are two payment methods:

  • Taxes at source (permits L, B, F, N). Your employer deducts the taxes directly from your salary

  • Annual tax declaration (permit C). You pay your taxes by monthly instalments and then fill in your annual declaration (in February-March) and send it via mail or internet. The cantonal tax administration (ACI) can provide all the information on this subject

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