Check list of arrival

You have just arrived in the canton of Vaud?

The following 4 steps are important:

1. Register upon your arrival

Give yourself up to the Habitants Registration office of the commune where you now live within 8 days after your arrival.

You need to take the following documents with you:

  • Valid identity papers with entrance visa if applicable

  • Civil status document translated into French, German, Italian or, as an option, English

    • Single: your birth certificate

    • Married: your marriage certificate

    • Married but separated: separation agreement with the exact date of separation of the couple and family registry book

    • Divorced: final and enforceable judgment of divorce and marriage certificate

  • Your rental lease or purchase/sale agreement. If your name is not mentioned on the lease or purchase/sale agreement

  • If you have already received it, your AVS-AI insurance certificate (pension and/or disability insurance) or health insurance card

  • Two passport pictures

  • Some cash (between CHF 15 and 30) for the registration fees

Amendment of federal legislation

Since January 1st 2019, the federal act on foreign nationals and integration (Foreign Nationals and Integraton Act, FNIA) has replaced the federal act on foreign nationals (Foreign Nationals Act, FNA)

New requirements, specifically in terms of fluency in French, are now required.

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2. For your health

Register for a health insurance (obligatory in Switzerland), at the latest 3 months after your arrival.

Find the social insurance agency that is closest to you.

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3. For your children

If you have children of school age (4 years old or more), you have to enrol them as quickly as possible in the nearest school.

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4. Working

You must open a postal or bank account. You will need it if you want to work.

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You have specific questions?

Your privileged representatives

The Fraternity of the Centre Social Protestant (CSP) and the Habitants Registration office of your municipality are at your disposal to help you with administrative procedures.

“Welcome” brochure

To facilitate the settling of the newcomers in the canton, the brochure “Welcome to the canton of Vaud” (available in 13 languages) contains the practical information you need.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Listed on one page, you can access the most frequently asked questions on various topics.

Administration's website

It contains useful information on integration and prevention of racism matters in the canton of Vaud. The website is dedicated to migrants, Swiss citizens as well as to professionals in these fields.

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