Information about the new coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information FROM the federal council

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Information in various languages

Hygiene rules and how to behave

The rules on hygiene and social distancing that we need to observe to protect ourselves from becoming infected with the coronavirus, are available as fact sheets in a variety of languages.

Link to the translated documents

Instructions on isolation

The instructions for isolation are available in a variety of languages.

Link to the translated documents

Instructions on quarantine

The instructions for quarantine are available in a variety of languages.

Link to the translated documents

HEKS/EPER's Corona-Helpline, available in several languages

Phone number: 0800 266 785

Posters and videos available in different languages.

Links to the EPER/HEKS' portal

Information from the State of Vaud

The State of Vaud dedicated a specific web page and a hotline on information about coronavirus.

link to the website and the hotline

Hotline from the department of youth protection (SPJ)

The department of youth protection (SPJ) created a hotline for parents and profesionnals giving more information about the coronavirus.

Link to the SPJ's portal

Informations from the swiss Red Cross

Migesplus, the portal for equitable health access created by the swiss Red Cross, has translated information about the coronavirus in several languages alongside explanatory videos.

Link to the Migesplus portal


So that you can find as quickly as possible your marks in your new place of life, this platform, proposed by the Cantonal Office for the Integration of Foreigners and the Prevention of Racism (BCI), helps you in your daily life and provides you with the information needed for your installation. It will allow you to better understand the institutional system (permits, school, insurances, employment, etc.) and administrative procedures to be undertaken. This platform will also allow you of to identify the people that will support you.

Your arrival

When arriving in the region, you have to follow a series of steps to settle down in the most efficient way. Here, you will find all the necessary information for your installation. Where to register, schools for your children and useful links for your health, we offer you all the details.

Check list of arrival

French courses

Learning the local language is key to feel comfortable in your new place of life. You will find here a list of all the French courses given in the canton of Vaud.

Find all the courses


Getting a job allows you to have a salary and to fully live your new life in the region. Here you will find information and advice concerning the working conditions in Switzerland and in the canton of Vaud. You will also find the necessary steps to find an employment.

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Practical information

Residence permit




Leisure and citizenship


Practical life

Useful contacts

You have specific questions?

Your privileged representatives

The Fraternity of the Centre Social Protestant (CSP) and the Habitants Registration office of your municipality are at your disposal to help you with administrative procedures.

“Welcome” brochure

To facilitate the settling of the newcomers in the canton, the brochure “Welcome to the canton of Vaud” (available in 13 languages) contains the practical information you need.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Listed on one page, you can access the most frequently asked questions on various topics.

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The site of the administration

It contains the useful information on integration and prevention of racism matters in the canton of Vaud. The site is dedicated to migrants, Swiss citizens as well as to professionals in these fields.

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Published four times a year, the newsletter “IntégrAction” presents various news of the BCI and its regional offices (projects, activities, publications, etc.).

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