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Essential information for your daily life

Arriving in a new country is not always easy. This site is designed to help you along the way so that you quickly feel comfortable in your new environment. The information is grouped into themes, which are explained here.

Residence permit

The Swiss system distinguishes nationals from European and other countries.


Find here the best links (property agencies, websites) to help you find an accommodation.


Information on the steps relating to family allowances, childcare solutions and schooling.


Social insurances are compulsory in Switzerland. Click here to find all the useful information.

Leisure and citizenship

Everyone has the right to take part in local life and enjoy their spare time. Here are some ideas.


The quality of care in Switzerland is well-known. There are several hospitals and doctors at your disposal.

Practical life

Here you will find useful information concerning transports, mobility, finances and communications.

Useful contacts

For more information and advice in integrating into the canton of Vaud, which does not appear in the other sections.

You have specific questions?

Your privileged representatives

The Fraternity of the Centre Social Protestant (CSP) and the Habitants Registration office of your municipality are at your disposal to help you with administrative procedures.

“Welcome” brochure

To facilitate the settling of the newcomers in the canton, the brochure “Welcome to the canton of Vaud” (available in 13 languages) contains the practical information you need.

Find out more

The site of the administration

It contains the useful information on integration and prevention of racism matters in the canton of Vaud. The site is dedicated to migrants, Swiss citizens as well as to professionals in these fields.

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